Horografia Multi-Touch book.


I’m very proud cause I feel I’m getting really good on searching online. Remember my previous post “Write history”? That awesome video about dance? Seat tight cause the awesomeness has just getting started!

I follow through some links that ultimately drive me into this website: Horografia, http://www.horografia.com, which is a Multi-Touch book that contains “the new term & method for producing a dance performance” as the author states. I didn’t knew about these kind of books and I was shocked to see that this title even exists! I wish I had an iPad!!! I will contact the author: Pablito Greco, http://www.pablitogreco.com and I will get back to you!


“Horografia”. A book of awesomeness!


5 thoughts on ““Horografia”. A book of awesomeness!

  1. Steven Raderis says:

    Hey Kirk please share your experience when you buy it. I want to learn more about this project. Cheers.


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