Interview: Knowing Pablito Greco.


“There are people who change the world, and people who stare the world changing. I choose to be the first.”

– Pablito Greco.

Part 1 follows.

How and where you can classify a man, after these words? For sure I will not try in this short interview. What I really want know are all these stories behind the vast work and projects, behind the curtains.

Which are the decisive moments in your life?

I think my first emphatic point was when I realized I can do things very good. Things like sports, learning, and creating with my hands and mind. I was really young. My body and my characteristics were strong. I was too big, too fast, and too strong too soon :-). These advancements offered me a lot. That was a really long phase and super creative. Along the way many things intervened. My academic years were really strong, but not decisive. There my third most decisive moment happened. There, I had the notion to create something that was missing in the dance industry, until then. So, I designed “Horografia”; my biggest and most successful project so far. That’s it! You are the first to know! 🙂

What do you hate?

I don’t hate nothing and no one. I used to, when I didn’t comprehend the true meaning of love. Universal love. So, this word lives only in my past. Way back… If you think it profoundly you will see that there is no one to hate, only to help.

What do you love?

I love creating things. New, revolutionary things. I love making things better. Methods, websites, products, and myself. Finally I love dancing and expressing my feelings through artistic movements. This is my super.

From were are you inspired?

I’m inspired  by life, nature, and humans. The subjects are endless. Just look around, inspiration is everywhere and free. You know, one’s experiences are a whole universe. Imagine what you can get from two… 🙂

In your free time?

In my free time I try to do a lot. I love running. I started running cause I was determined to lose some weight. After 2 months of heavy training, just using my knowledge and experience, I thought that since I’m running so much why not to participate in a running race. I did,  and I loved the experience. To participate is to live. I also love helping the marketing of many companies by sending them anonymous emails with fixes they can use for their processes, websites, products, and stuff like that. I really enjoy helping for the better and common good.

Tell me more about your running.

Well, I usually train for 10K (10 kilometers) but the races I participate are 5K, 10K, 21.1K. In the summer I succeeded to take the 3rd place in a 5K race that was super difficult. I LOVE PUSHING my limits again and again. I will do this for the rest of my life. My official times so far are:

5K:  23:35 minutes.

10K:  49:05:95 minutes.

15K:  01:17:14 minutes.

21.1K:  01:47:54 hours.

I will definitely try to beat these times in the future! 🙂

Tell me more about the fixes/advising.

I have a very good eye and analytical  mind when it comes in marketing tools, processes, and products. So, when I see a problem online or offline I try to help. Of course I don’t use my real name cause my help is selfless. The most satisfying outcome from this is when I see my fixes/corrections in action in their processes, tools, and products. I just love correcting.



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